Strategies to increase YouTube Subscribers in 2022

    Here are some strategies that have proven helpful for us in several different projects to earn some initial free YouTube subscribers.

    You can set your defaults to your YouTube account

    There are many Upload Defaults in your Channel that you can apply to any videos you upload using your browser. Setting these defaults will save you time and ensure it’s not something that you miss or misspell in the spelling or link. Be aware that these settings can be altered on individual videos, however, you’d like.

    • To apply, visit Channel > Upload Defaults.
    • Simply add a “Subscribe Here” Text plus a Link in the Description

    Other defaults you can modify to your Tube account are:

    • Privacy
    • Categories (which industry)
    • License
    • Video Title
    • Description
    • Tags
    • Comments and Ratings
    • Monetization
    • Ad Formats

    Make Your own YouTube Thumbnail image

    This is a standard method to ensure the greatest amount of viewers click and begin watching the videos.’ Create a Thumbnail picture that conveys your video and has the appropriate message to your viewers. YouTube will automatically generate the Thumbnail based on pre-selected intervals within your video, but it’s marketing your video in a short amount of time. Choose the right colors, text, and layout that match your brand. Make it easy for the viewers to understand what the video is about. Create a custom Thumbnail that will help every film on your Channel make an impression, increasing the variety of videos you can watch by your Channel.

    Design Tips:

    • Select an image that is representative of this specific video
    • Choose the right colors and templates that match your brand
    • Select text that is easy to read
    • Create copy that best reflects the type of content your readers are looking for.
    • The ideal resolution is 1280×720 pixels.

    Add the word ‘Subscription String’ at the last line of your YouTube Channel URL

    Add the word ?sub_confirmation=1 to the last line of your YouTube Channel URL.

    This is an illustration:

    • Our Standard Channel URL:
    • Our Standard Channel URL + the Subscription String:

    The advantages are:

    • This allows anyone new to sign up quickly and easily to your Channel
    • This URL can be used on your website and social media sites, or in emails, and other media to simplify the process for people who are new to sign up

    Be sure to keep in mind that you should offer new viewers video links before asking them to sign up (to provide them with an idea of the content you’re asking them to sign up for)

    Make your video appear more professional by including watermarks

    Every video you produce should be watermarked, and it’s easy to incorporate. To apply, go to Channel Branding – Branding

    Then, you can modify the design through:

    • What image from the Subscribe to make use of?
    • If the watermark appears on your video (we recommend it at the beginning)

    There are plenty of pictures you can pick from, but you’ll want to use only the word SUBSCRIBE with red letters to be consistent with YouTube’s branding. Below are a few examples. You can go to Google images, search for the “Subscribe icon,” then select the one you like best.

    Create a captivating Channel trailer

    YouTube channel trailers instantly play whenever someone clicks on the channel. YouTube Channel. It’s their first impression, and it’s crucial to grab their attention in just less than a couple of seconds. The ideal duration is between 30 to 60 seconds.

    Channel Tips for Trailers:

    • Invite people to join
    • Give them multiple reasons to sign up and to keep them coming to you
    • Use retention rates of viewers to determine the best way to tweak your trailer (to discover which one has the highest success)
    • Make sure you practice and draft your script before you start (people are aware of what they are reading from)
    • If you’re content with your appearance in front of cameras and you feel that this is in line with the image of the Channel, customize the trailer by giving an accessible, engaging introduction of yourself

    Be sure to use Meta Tags to maximize your benefits

    Meta Tags are essential to ensuring your video will be found through Google Search and YouTube. Therefore, you should optimize your Meta Tags with keyword tags. To find Meta Tag ideas, you can visit the Google Keyword Planner. It is free and will help you discover keywords to use for your Search/AD campaigns. Additional information on the advantages and best ways to use the planner may be found here.

    Meta Tag Tips:

    • Use your 500-character limit on YouTube
    • Be careful not to overdo keywords (like using the exact words repeatedly), which could harm your results.
    • Research and browse the Meta Tags that top-performing videos use (but be careful not to exact copy and paste because this could damage your performance too.)

    Get the most value from your Channel customization settings

    Use all YouTube’s features for customizing channels that include:

    • Create a brand image that is appealing to the eye professional, enjoy whatever you want to say, Be consistent, but never lose your way.
    • Utilize the same branding for your blog, your website, and social media accounts and get them used to your style across all platforms – no matter where you are
    • Create custom channel art
    • Create a customized background covering (optimum size is 2560 x 1440 pixels)
    • Create a customized channel biography (don’t write it too long, but you can hyperlink back to another page for those who are interested in reading more or reading a blog)
    • Create a customized channel URL

    Make sure that people can recognize your YouTube Channel

    Inform the world of the existence of your YouTube Channel at every opportunity. You’ve written content that you’ve created, you’ve invested the time and effort required, now tell people about it. Your YouTube Channel will grow into an important symbol of your company’s image and maybe the most important.


    • Include a link to the YouTube Channel on every website you have
    • Include a subscribe button on your blog’s pages to encourage people to subscribe.
    • Include your website’s URL into the YouTube Channel settings. YouTube Channel settings

    Optimize ALL your video descriptions

    The video’s description is a crucial element of SEO and helps videos get discovered. It also lets your audience know what the video will be about.

    Description Tips for Optimization:

    • Create a compelling and compelling description of your video that lets your viewers know what the video is all about.
    • Do not write too much. Be aware that only the first couple of lines will appear.
    • Choose the most appropriate keywords for your content yet be careful not to overdo them.
    • Link to other popular videos on your Channel


    Create an Intro and Outro for your videos.

    They are utilized to keep viewers engaged on your Channel and help them remember you so that they can come back to you. Create an Intro or Outro screen graphics that could advertise other videos on the Channel as thumbnails. Create or create Intro and Outro videos that you can make use of to promote your brand name and to promote other videos you have on your Channel

    Edit your video several times

    Each video may not be your finest work, and neither will every edit; therefore, keep editing. When filming, make multiple shots, especially in the case of shooting on location. The most popular films adhere to this method, and as should you. Be sure only to release your finest work. A video of the highest quality can do more harm than good for your brand’s image and reputation.

    Some of the Best Video Editing Software’s that are suitable for YouTube:

    • Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Final Cut Pro
    • Pinnacle Studio 24

    Here are the suggested YouTube dimensions for various quality:

    • 2160p (4K) – 3840 x 2160 pixels
    • 1440p (2K) – 2560 x 1440 pixels
    • 1080p (HD) 1080p (HD) = 1920 1080 pixels
    • 720p (HD) (HD) – 1280x 800 pixels
    • 854p – 854×480 pixels

    End all of your videos in a memorable way

    This is your chance to incite your viewers to come back to take a look at more videos.


    • Let the end be a rousing one, either with a dramatic cliffhanger or the best fit for your brand and your message.
    • Finish the videos by smiling to keep viewers wanting more
    • Thank and show appreciation to viewers of your videos.
    • Request their subscriptions for the Channel and likes and comments for your video.

    Create 4 to 5 YouTube Shorts

    Shorts are a new concept and are a great way to allow your videos to be viral!

    YouTube states that

    “You can still make your video eligible for the Shorts shelf and feed, all you need to do is make sure that it’s 60 seconds or under, and shot in the vertical format.”


    • Include the hashtag #Shorts into the title of your short video clips.
    • Keep your short clips visually appealing and easy to access (since the majority of people who views will subscribe to your channel)

    Offer giveaways and challenges.

    An increase in engagement and interactions will keep people coming to the site again and increase shares and likes. Plus, who doesn’t like the idea of a (free) prize?

    You can give anything you want to:

    • Your product (if you own one)
    • A product or service from a partner (if you own one)
    • A brand new gadget in the tech world (something is likely to inspire anyone making videos about)
    • It’s a holiday (definitely possible to have people filming videos on it)


    • The greater the amount of money you give, the more you’ll need people to apply. For instance, request that people follow all of your social media accounts.
    • Be sure to keep your giveaway tied to your industry or your brand.

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