Nail Dash: All You Need to Know

    Life is not perfect, but your nails can be. I guess you all must have heard or read this famous quote on nails. One thing I am sure about is Women always prefer Nails before males. As a kid, I used to bite my nails a lot, and then at time of visiting a function/party I used to fix artificial nails with the help of glue to make my hands look prettier.  But do you guys know what exactly those artificial nails are called? If you are a male reading this, then you must have no idea about artificial nails, their uses and their real name. So, why not to have glance look because you never know when your wife/girlfriend demands Nail dashes from you.

    What are nail dashes, exactly?
    They are personalized, safe manicure which is applied in minutes.
    Now the males must be wondering about manicure. Manicure is a kind of treatment given to hand’s nails to make them look prettier and attractive. Nail dashes are flexible and one can wear them up to 2 weeks, and you can also switch to different styles after few days.
    They come in different shapes (Almond, Coffin, Round etc.), Lengths (Short, Medium, Long extra etc.) and Finishes (Shiny, matte etc.). Each dash pack consist of 24 nails, so after applying 10, we are still left with 14 nails as a backup. Also essential tools to fix the nails are provided in the box.

    Nail Dash’s Perks
    Men must be thinking that what could be the advantages of Nail dash? But for your information guys, nail dash has no. of advantages. They are easy to apply with the help of nail glue and cuticle stick. If you are in hurry ladies then not to worry about your nails, because they can be applied in minutes, they are non-harmful to your original nails; also they are available in no. of shapes.
    And guess what? They are Paraben free, Cruelty-free, Sulfate free, Phthalate free and also they are Vegan.

    What is the procedure for applying Nail dash?
    The procedure for applying nail dash is very simple, smart and convenient. So, why not to have a look on how to apply these nail dashes beautifully.

    1) With the help of cuticle stick, just push back your cuticles with a smooth hand.
    2) Gently polish your natural nails with the help of pink side available on the nail file.
    3) Clean the nails either with the help of vinegar or rubbing alcohol.
    4) From the pack, select any 10 dash nail which fits the exact size of your natural nails.
    5) Dry your hands properly and make sure that your hands aren’t wet.
    6) Put a drop of glue on you nail dash and a drop on your natural nail, then slightly keep the nail dash on your natural nail and hold it for 15-30 seconds.
    7) Last but not the least; don’t wash your hands for the whole day after applying Nail dash.
    The best time to apply nail dash is before going to bed.  If the nail glue doesn’t get wet then it helps the nail dash to set properly.
    What if your mind changes to apply another nail dash of different size or color or shape, then how to remove it?
    How do you get rid of Nail Dash?
    The procedure to get remove nail dash is much easier than applying them. Below are the steps to remove nail dash: –

    1) Just soak your hands for 10 minutes in a soapy, warm water.
    2) Slightly and smoothly lift the dash from one side.
    3) Remove excess glue and then polish your nails with the help of pink side available on the nail file.
    Just a tip, don’t apply nail dash frequently; it will make your nails rough. Just wait for 2-3 days after removing nail dash to make your nails breathe.

    Definitely this discussion will not end, but I had to end this now. So by summing up the prescribed discussion we can say that Nail dashes are such an advantage to women who are working and who don’t have much time to visit the Salon for manicure sessions. With the help of nail dash, each woman can flaunt her beautiful hands. Nail dash are bliss to women over the globe.


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